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Past Youth Exhibits

A cornerstone of our programming at PATCKids is the belief that photography looks best in print on exhibit. This belief leads us to work with each student individually throughout our programs to build a solid portfolio of work, whether this is a five-image photojournalism story from within their community or a single image that resonates with the student’s personality or favorite hobby.
Every single one of our programs culminates in an exhibit of some shape or form. This could be on-site at the program partner’s location with single images in frames on easels with students standing proudly by their piece. It could mean a slideshow of work playing on televisions throughout their middle school during morning announcements. Our personal favorite is to host these final exhibits at our space with student work framed and hung on our own gallery walls.
Each piece of student work features an artist statement, with the student’s name and age and the reason why the image was chosen. Short, simple and always shows true insight and wisdom.
Our proudest moment is witnessing students’ faces as they see their final exhibit come to life. They see an image they created printed large and framed. They read their artist statement and beam instantly.
These moments show growth and success for us as an organization but most importantly, they are proof of our students’ growth and their dreams coming true.

Program Partner: Heritage E-STEM Middle School, Spring 2013
Final Exhibit Date: Friday, May 10th, 2013
Final Exhibit Location: Heritage E-STEM Middle School
PATCKids achieved a benchmark in our educational programming: through a self-funded program, former Star Tribune photojournalist Judy Griesedieck and Project & Community Outreach coordinator Sydnee Bickett taught 41-5th grade students at Heritage E-STEM Middle School in West St. Paul as our first opportunity to be integrated into the school’s daily art curriculum. During two weeks of training, 41-5th grade students learned the basics of camera operation, composition and photojournalism in order to create a 5-image photo story, documenting the school in the “Putting a Face on Your Community” project and exhibited their final work throughout their school at Heritage Days on May 10th – an art and food festival.